Ideal Mobile Phone

Here’s hopefully a post that will keep growing as I keep thinking of other facilities — what would the ideal mobile phone offer and look like:

  • I really like the touchscreen ones which interpret hand gestures (e.g. iPhone, Blackberry Storm etc)
  • I also like the possibility of having both a full QWERTY keyboard and also the “standard” keypad with letters assigned to it, using the T9 technology (based on a dictionary) — specifically, see the keyboard(s) offered by the Blackberry Storm.
  • Should have though the facility to add words to the dictionary — this is important as if you work in IT you find out that there are new acronyms appearing over night and rather than switching to a QWERTY keyboard to type it letter-by-letter every time, it’s handy to have them added to the dictionary — in particular I did like this facility in the Nokia N95 phone
  • An “auto-correct” facility is also a very nice facility to have — I do want to write “I’m” every time, but instead just type “Im” and have the software change that on the fly to “I’m”; also need to be able to edit the list for “auto-correct”

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