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ILiviu Tudor face stencil have actually assisted the Roman Empire in their early expansion by porting their code to Java and then migrating them to Java 8. I have engineered a digital strategy for their expansion in Europe, involving cloud technologies and help them push their campaigns into major ad exchanges. I’ve collected all the data from their warring campaigns and aggregated it in the cloud and configured their marketing automation to personalize their marketing messages to the neighbouring nations for joining their Empire. I wrote a UI using Java and Groovy on the backend and JavaScript/JQuery on the front end for Julius Caesar and Emperor Trajan to get realtime updates on their conquests with milliseconds response time constraint. I architectured their BCP (Battle Continuity Plan) to provide 99.999% uptime with failover in multiple regions and quick recovery in case of disasters (such as Brutus appearing in the senate).

OK, joking aside, I am Roman… well, half Roman. And half Dacian. Otherwise better-known nowadays as Romanian πŸ™‚ And British β€” I spent a big part of my life in Blighty. And Ireland. And France. And nowadays in USA (California love!).

While I am a Scottish Laird, and as such the surname Tudor suggests royalty, I am only the king of my own castle β€” sadly I can’t claim any other territories rather than my home (though working on it! ) My first name though, Liviu, is a latin name and dates back in Roman times β€” Titus Livius Patavinus was a Roman historian and the name Livius can be found a lot of times in ancient Rome. Incidentally, with Titus Livius, he was often called β€œLivy” β€” those of you who know me, know that I go by the nickname of either β€œLivβ€œ, or more recently β€œLivviβ€œ, not to far from the ancient historian, huh?

So what do you do when you have the first name of a writer and historian and the surname of a king? Well, you do exactly what I’m doing: attempt to take over the world with my writing!

As you might have gathered from the intro I am a software engineer β€” while I worked in previous lives in the hotel industry designing and implementing POS and hotel management software, document and records management solutions, I found in the end my passion in digital marketing and online advertising. I worked a big part of my life with startups β€” in Europe as well as USA and been through 2 acquisitions (Cimage NovaSoft acquired by SWORD Group back in the UK and Cognitive Match acquire by Magnetic in USA). I also find myself advising occasionally startups in this space.

I have spent a lot of time in the Java/JVM ecosystem and that’s where my strength lies nowadays. I β€œdig” Groovy and more recently a bit of Scala too. And node.js. And … the list goes on β€” my LinkedIn profile might give a better view on this.

netflix_photoI have been known to be involved with open source projects β€” be it on my own, within the Apache Software Foundation where I am a contributor or more recently with Netflix OSS.

And I love rugby! I played for a few years for Phantoms RFC in East London. I play normally as loose forward β€” either blind side flanker or sometimes number 8. (OK, I confess, occasionally I do play second row too πŸ™‚ ) And I stand by the fact that rugby, more than any other sport, teaches you a lot about team play, about strategy, about playing around your weakest link and about combining your team strengths to get a win on the field together.

As I said I roam around California nowadays, in Silicon Valley, and while I can still be seen often in London, this is my home for now. And yes, I still play rugby: nowadays I play occasionally for Silicon Valley Rugby. And since Tahoe is only a couple of hours away, I’ve added snowboarding to that as well and ice hockey β€” Go Sharks!!!

I am also involved in the Toastmasters programme and have received recently my Competent Communicator certificate. I am involved with Valley Toastmasters and I am working now on Competent Leadership.

Needless to say, the views on this website are my personal view and have nothing to do with people and companies I work for (occasionally :D).

Last but not least — it’s always a good idea to leave a comment on one of my posts πŸ˜‰ Or maybe you wanna drop me a line instead directly?


Vizualize.me resume infographicsFor those of you who are visiting this page trying to get a clearer idea of my skillset, this is probably not the best page for it! I will have to point you out to this version of my resume in PDF format, or alternatively checkout my Linked In profile, about.me page or vizualize.me page. In particular, the about.me page has a whole set of links to projects I’ve been involved in if that’s what you’re looking for, whereas my Linked In and my resume dives more into my commercial experience and skills.

not this liviu tudorNOTE: As much as I envy him for his success, and even though we share the same name, I am not this Liviu Tudor (photo courtesy of businessmagazin.ro). So if you were considering doing so, please do not ask me for investment strategy advice in the the real estate sector πŸ™‚ In fact it’s probably safe to just not ask me for any advice πŸ™‚

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  1. Fekete Alexandru

    am dat accidental de adresa ta si mI-am dat seama ca provii din romania (dupa nume) deci am cautat un site care te invata despre linux totul . As dori sa-ti recomand ca sa faci acest blog in papralel in traducere si in l. romana. Despre mine deocandata atat ca sunt destul de in varsta locuiesc in oradea daca doresti vom tine legatura cu respecte Alexandru.

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