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Netflix 100 million members party — San Francisco

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So proud to be part of this — and so grateful for such an amazing amazing party! The passport to this exclusive party: The freebies: And the amazing party: The VIP welcome: The amazing city views: and a “Black Mirror” special shoot πŸ™‚ Special thanks to Russel Peters and Maz Jobrani who were hi-la-rious!!!

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi…

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If you don’t know your Latin by the way, the above translates to “Thus passes the glory of the world” (see this wikipedia page too). More than 4Β years ago I crossed the Atlantic from London, UK and based myself in California, with a small startup, Cognitive Match, that came out of London and expanded into […]

Liv with San Francisco 49ers NFL helmet20121217_185102 Liv with San Francisco 49ers NFL helmet

Scary Liv — The NFL Version

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So the San Francisco 49ers won Sunday night against New England Patriots (sorry, Tom Brady, but our Kaepernick is just too good for you! πŸ˜€ ) and just in time my 49ers helmet turned up on Monday — woohoo!!!! (I’m sure you’ve figured out that I do try to collect something from every sport I […]

Refresh Your Ads!

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This is a long-forgotten photo — which in all honesty, I did intend to publish during Ad:Tech San Francisco, as that’s when this bottle came to life. (And from what I know it provided refreshments for many of the attendants too!) Being at Ad:Tech San Francisco with Cognitive Match, couldn’t help taking a picture of […]