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Heavenly Village, Tahoe, 14/Dec/2013

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First session of the season — still suffering from it 🙂 The motel we stayed in, clean and convenient as it might be had a TV though that has us wonder at first whether it requires a crankshaft… To our surprise, it didn’t — and even more, it was a colour TV one too! Here […]


Lake Tahoe 28/Jan/2012

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With my being in California, and Denis Lowe in my ear going on about Tahoe, it had to happen in the end: I took to Lake Tahoe this weekend and made my joined the ranks of snowboarders — snowboarding is awesome by the way! And Denis proved to be a pretty good teacher to be […]

Snow in Edinburgh

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Just the day I was leaving — it stopped just enough for my flight to leave and arrive on time 🙂 The very next day (Friday) woken up with all stations announcing Gatwick (which is where I landed) and a few other airports being closed because of snow — phew! right on time! 🙂

Snow in London

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I’m sure we’ve all “enjoyed” this, with TfL going to a halt and no traffic going through Central London, but for the record, that’s what it looked like the evening before the day when the snow has literally frozen London.