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Issue with Jersey Multipart Libraries: Missing start boundary

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This one had me pulling my hairs off and going crazy trying to figure it out so I thought it deserves a space on my blog 🙂 While it’s what it looks like a small fix, it turned out to be a b**ch in terms of googling for an answer as whatever combination of search […]

HowAboutWe Firefox Add-on

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Ok, so you might have seen the previous howaboutwe / Twitter project I spawned off the other day and blogged about here — and I thought since I’m not actively using howaboutwe anymore, but still found myself with a paid membership for a few more weeks, how about I (ahem! :D) play a bit more […]

Implications of Blocking 3rd Party Cookies?

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Now that I wrote the previous post about blocking 3rd party cookies and the (famous) Firefox release which triggered my reaction, I keep thinking about where is the online world going from here. I know a few groups in the industry are working on various approaches but I’m constantly being followed by one idea which […]

Small App for Linking Twitter and HowAboutWe

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OK so I know it’s geeky as you like, and to a certain degree pointless… however, for the sake of being a geek and using Twitter too much perhaps, I decided to give this a go, and it turned out into an app that I rather enjoyed playing with (as well as writing it of […]

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(Small) Bug with Oracle’s HTML/JMX Interface

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I posted before an article about how to use Oracle’s (well, Sun’s, since it was started really before the Oracle acquisition) HTML/JMX agent to monitor your apps via JMX here. For those of you who went ahead and decided to use that interface, you probably noticed a small (but rather annoying bug) in that component […]

A Big Space in between Firefox and Internet Explorer

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For those of you who tried to put together a “flatten” function cross browser to eliminate consecutive spaces and/or trim some text that is retrieved from the HTML page itself, you might have noticed that a simple regex of the kind /\s+/gm is simply not enough and occasionally Internet Explorer would still return a string […]

One (good) reason to switch to Firefox

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I was talking the other day with a friend of mine who’s by no means a techie — however, she decided to switch to Firefox (rather than using the pre-installed Internet Explorer which comes with Windows). I was a bit puzzled (in a good way) to find out about this so I asked why. And […]

SquirrelMail Autocomplete for Firefox

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So I finally got around to providing a fix for the Autocomplete plugin for SquirrelMail to work in Firefox (for those of you who didn’t realise, the plugin was only working with Internet Explorer before). Hopefully the fix will make it in the next release of the plugin, but for those of you who are […]

Firefox 2.0 and Existing Plugins/Extensions

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So Firefox 2.0 has been out for a while. However, if you check out some of the release notes, the one that talks about updating extensions for Firefox 2 seems really interesting: The first step — and, for most extensions, the only one that will be needed — is to update the install manifest file, […]

Speaking of Amazon-WordPress Integration…

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Found this plugin called WP-Amazon (check out the site here: Once configured it adds this button which allows you to search and insert content from Amazon into your post. So just to try it out, in this post there should be an Amazon link to Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man CD. Unfortunatelly it doesn’t […]