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London Underground

Liv’s Guide to London

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I was asked recently by a couple of friends on this side of the Atlantic about suggestions regarding London — as they were planning their London trip. I put together an email with basic pointers and sent it to my first friend. Shortly after it turns out another one decides he wants to visit Blighty and […]

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi…

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If you don’t know your Latin by the way, the above translates to “Thus passes the glory of the world” (see this wikipedia page too). More than 4 years ago I crossed the Atlantic from London, UK and based myself in California, with a small startup, Cognitive Match, that came out of London and expanded into […]

Welcome to British Gas!

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This is another speech I’ve given at Valley Toastmasters, and it’s part of Competent Communicator manual, project #6: “Vocal Variety”. As a reminder, the objectives of the project are: Use voice volume, pitch, rate and quality to reflect and add meaning and interest to your message Use pauses to enhance your message Use vocal variety […]


Small Business or Startup?

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I had an interesting discussion recently with a friend of mine about titles and terminology used nowadays in business, and it prompted me to continue my trail of thoughts on this on my blog. We talked about how a lot of companies label themselves rather proudly as startups — an idea which my friend was […]

Keep Your Shop On One Floor

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I’ve decided to write this following discussions and things I’ve observed with some of the startups (in the Bay Area or on the other side of pond), as it just occurred to me that occasionally simple (yet very effective) aspects of a startup are being missed out entirely. Sadly, these results in most cases in […]

New Year Fireworks — London 2013/2014

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While I wasn’t there myself this time, I have received these from a friend and crappy as they might be it did bring back some memories about The Big Smoke, so I thought I’d share these — apologies to those of you who have seen them live from Westminster, I’m sure these photos don’t do […]

Dear Banks, F… Off and Leave Me Alone!

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OK, this is not the same as my other previous posts about idiotic recruitment, as in fact the exploratory email I have received from the recruiter was relatively well-targeted — minus the fact that I’m actually in USA nowadays not UK, but they obviously have a copy of my resume/CV from a while back so […]

Covent Garden from My Window

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Currently in London briefly, and luckily I’m bang in the middle of the City, in Covent Gardens. For a fraction of a second, it was sunny and nice (yeah, would you believe it this DOES actually happens sometimes in London? :D) so here’s what Neal Street in London looked like at the time:  


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And on the subject of USA/UK, here’s an interesting comparison — this is what my garden looked like back in London: Astonishingly, despite popular belief, these pictures were actually taken in January (2012) — and yes, it was a (slightly) sunny day! Though bloody cold 🙂 And here’s the Tudor “residence”, at Oakwood, in Mountain […]

Not Quite USA but…

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This is a long-forgotten picture which I just found in my phone — can’t believe I missed it till now! Even though I’m in California now and this looks like a proper old-style American car, this was NOT taken in America! In fact it was taken in London, before I left for USA, around Battersea […]

Piccadilly Circus, London, Christmas 2011

Piccadilly Circus this Xmas

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It’s come to that time of the year when I’m downloading pictures from my phone and start finally uploading them here 🙂 These ones were taken in Piccadilly Circus, Christmas 2011…