Of Man and Internet

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In case you haven’t figured it, “Of Man and Internet” appears in my blog title which reads (look in your title bar): “Liviu Tudor — Of Man and Internet”. Half the reason for that is that my usual ramblings here talk about various friends and I — as any decent blog should 😀 — while some other ramblings of mine touch on various areas of Internet, since I’ve been working in this industry for a while and I do take a deep interest in this.

However, there’s another side to it — as part of the reason I’ve titled my blog that was due to Metallica’s (long forgotten, sadly!) song “Of Man and Wolf”. Arguably, the song is about a werewolf. Also arguably, the song is about different sides of man, the Jekyll and Hyde inside us. And since the Internet transforms us — there’s lots of studies to say that we are a different person on the net — and also since the Internet is part of our daily life whether we like it or not, I thought this would be a good (sub)title for a blog.

As with everything I do, there’s more than one side to it — and “Of Man and Internet” is one of those. Some of you might have read John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” — and if you haven’t, you ought to! The book is a controversial one, due to the vulgar language and (arguably) offensive content. (Though rest assured, it’s not because John Steinbeck is a vulgar writer — far from it, since he is a Nobel prize winner for literature! — but rather than the book was written such to paint much more striking pictures.)

The idea with “Of Mice and Men” is that even the best plans laid out by mice and men often go wrong” — and throughout my blog you will find many such stories or situations described where everything goes haywire 🙂 Whether it is how not to do things in your tech platform so things don’t go wrong, or simply talking about situations I’ve lived through where things went wrong despite all the project management thrown at the problem. So that’s one other side of it.

Since I’ve mentioned the vulgar language in “Of Mice and Men”, it’s worth noting here that you’ll find a bit of that on my blog too: what’s the point in having bad manners if you’re not going to use them? And occasionally, swearing strengthens the point — or help paint a more powerful picture, in the case of Steinbeck. Same here 🙂

Incidentally, “Of Mice and Men” depicts the life of 2 migrant workers who move from place to place in California, looking for work. Little did I know when I started putting together this blog that I’ll end up at some point in California too! Coincidence or fate? 😉

And last but not least, with “Of Mice and Men”, there is a strong idea of friendship and human touch throughout the book — and I’m trying to achieve the same with my blog: it’s not just simply a set of technical writings, with no soul in them, simply stating technical facts. You will hopefully find that my writing is done with a lot of soul and feelings — though quite likely not at the same level as Steinbeck! (Though here’s to hoping — after all I’ve finally managed to write my first book back in 2013: The Sun Is Burning Out.)


So that’s in a nutshell the whole “Of Man and Internet”.

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