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go kart medal 3rd place

And (One of) the Winner Is … Me :)

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In case there were any doubts about my driving (ahem, racing!) abilities, these, I’m sure, will settle the matter: in the Cognitive Match California Go-Karting race, guess who came 3rd? 😀 Granted, you may think “well it’s only 3rd”, but it does mean still that I came 1st out of the whole Tech team! And […]

Piccadilly Circus, London, Christmas 2011

Piccadilly Circus this Xmas

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It’s come to that time of the year when I’m downloading pictures from my phone and start finally uploading them here 🙂 These ones were taken in Piccadilly Circus, Christmas 2011…

Cognitive Match Christmas Day Out 2010

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I’ve promised in my previous post I’ll come back with more pictures from the awesome Christmas bash we had last Friday here, at @CognitiveMatch. Many thanks to @AlexKelleher and Lucy (she’s not on Twitter, bloody technophobes! :p) for organising this — and not to forget @theboybg for taking all the photos and putting together this […]

Christmas Tree – Before and After

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Right after all the presents where dropped under the tree by Santa: A bit of a problem trying to keep my niece from getting her little hands on all of them but we managed to keep her distracted somehow 🙂

Snow in Edinburgh

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Just the day I was leaving — it stopped just enough for my flight to leave and arrive on time 🙂 The very next day (Friday) woken up with all stations announcing Gatwick (which is where I landed) and a few other airports being closed because of snow — phew! right on time! 🙂 Launched!

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My sister and her husband just launched their website where they sell greeting cards manufactured by them. I got to say, they are quite arty and even was one of the first customers, with Christmas coming up — which seems to be at the moment their targeted event for the cards they make.  At […]