Cognitive Match Christmas Day Out 2010

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I’ve promised in my previous post I’ll come back with more pictures from the awesome Christmas bash we had last Friday here, at @CognitiveMatch. Many thanks to @AlexKelleher and Lucy (she’s not on Twitter, bloody technophobes! :p) for organising this — and not to forget @theboybg for taking all the photos and putting together this photo gallery! Oh, and the kitchen poster — love it! 😉

Being the busy bees we are here at Cognitive Match, I didn’t get a chance to blog about it and show you the pictures till now, when things got a bit quieter (though I confess to writing this as I’m running a full maven build in the background that seems to take quite a while :).

The day started with a few good hours of clay pigeon shooting at the Bisley Shooting Centre in Surrey — and make no mistakes, this is a proper shotgun shooting, not laser or any other malarkey:

Was also good to see they had my favourite place 🙂

Here’s my team heading to the first shooting target — please observe the focus and the determination 🙂

Now for some mean looks and skilled shots :

Sion in particular was the best shooter that day (sorry, Mike, next time buddy 😉

And here’s me watching the shoot-off in between him and Mike — somehow I got photographed when I wasn’t shouting my head off rooting for Sion (I do care for my team members 😉 — and that didn’t happen that often that day 🙂

Lunch break and it started snowing beautifully!

A one last chance to shoot our load (!!!)

before we head off to the clubhouse where these are waiting to be claimed by the best team:

But before we went back, here’s a look at who took part in this and my team — I think it’s safe to say that by that time we knew we were the best of the best of the best 😀

And in case there was any doubt about my driving my team to victory — here’s the winning team (in your face, Lucy! :p)

Having established our seniority in the clay pigeon shooting competition (the other levels of seniority are already known I’m sure! 🙂 time for drinks and Secret Santa shenanigans — I got an awesome cup! (sorry, I meant 2 cups — about DD each by the looks of it 😉

Thanks once again to everyone from Cognitive Match who took part in organising this or just shooting birds — let’s do it again next year!

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  1. Meg M.

    Looks like a great time was had by all 🙂 Liv you will have to share more about your err… Cup(s) that runneth over?

    – Meg