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Shooting Range — 27/Oct/2013

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I had to have a go at shooting a “proper” rifle too this time — I’m still trying to find the photo of the target at the end of the session, it’s somewhere in my phone, but I didn’t do too bad if I can say so myself 🙂

Late Shooting Trophy

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You’ve all seen my team picking up a shooting trophy in the Cognitive Match Christmas Day Out 2010, I’m sure; however, here’s a late trophy for me for the same day (thanks Nancy!) — shame it didn’t get to me on time as I’m sure everyone would have enjoyed the label which reads “Who said […]

Cognitive Match Christmas Day Out 2010

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I’ve promised in my previous post I’ll come back with more pictures from the awesome Christmas bash we had last Friday here, at @CognitiveMatch. Many thanks to @AlexKelleher and Lucy (she’s not on Twitter, bloody technophobes! :p) for organising this — and not to forget @theboybg for taking all the photos and putting together this […]

I Got All The Birds!

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I’m sure you know by now that I’ve been pulling birds for 100 years — and to prove that my “experience” in the matter is still solid, here’s a recent trophy to prove it: In case you can’t read it, I’ll spell it out for you: it reads “I’ve got all the birds!”. And here’s […]