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Small Note on gradle’s afterEvaluate

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If you use gradle and you took the path to write your own gradle plugins (try it, it’s fun!) to make your build process more … “enjoyable”, then this might come in handy one day. I have worked on a few gradle plugins, some of themĀ inside the Netflix Nebula suite, some of them outside Netflix […]

Netflix Nebula Gradle Plugin and project.version

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If you use the Netflix OSS Nebula plugin in gradle and you use it for automatic versioning, incrementals etc then you will come across this at some point. (And in the case that some of you have already encountered this, I have to ask why did you not write the blog post I needed when […]

Managing Project Dependencies with Gradle

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This is a set of slides that I’ve put together to showcase how we use Gradle in Netflix Ads Engineering to help with dependency management. It goes through multi-module project vs separate Gradle project per module, using properties file with Gradle to specify dependency versions and also how to use the Nebula gradle-dependency-lock to lock […]