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My House

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This is what my house looks like through the eye of a 6 year old — observe the heart-shaped windows and the little kid on the trampoline (probably the only reason why I’m being liked so much 🙂 lol)

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The joys of unit tests

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I’m sure as a developer you’ve all heard of unit tests and best practices which preach to unit test your code in the finest details to ensure stability of the platform you are building. While my post does refer to Java (due to my recent experience) I am convinced that this can be applied to […]

Rugby World Cup 2011

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I was talking recently with a friend (in fact it was last night during my training with my Phantoms) about the upcoming rugby world cup next year. Being a kiwi and with the World Cup hosted by New Zealand he is telling me that there is no way the All Blacks can’t win this! I […]

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Monitoring Your Servers

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One of the common tasks of setting up a production environment in your datacentre is setting up monitoring of your servers. This is quite often overlooked (“our application doesn’t have bugs and doesn’t crash!”) until hell breaks loose. At this point the damage is done and 9 times out of 10 is irreparable. (If you […]