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Java Catalog 1.1

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It’s only been 1 day since I published Java Catalog 1.0 and I got already feedback on this from 3 visitors! This beats any previous “records” on my website, I must confess, hence the rush to incorporate these into the code/package and publish a new version! Simone Tripodi, being the helpful guy he always is, […]

Java Catalog 1.0

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It’s amazing what you find when you look closely at how you use a computer nowadays — I only just realised that ages ago I have put together this little Java application to help me sort out my mobile phone image collection every time I download them onto my computer…yet even though I’ve been using […]

Cognitive Match Karaoke

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Going through my phone, these are long-forgotten pictures from a karaoke session we had at Cognitive Match. Thank God that Lucky Voice has private rooms, otherwise neighbors would have complained no doubt! 🙂 Even more so as the warm-up session in Belgo Central probably made the singing later on even worse 😉 Check out Rowan […]