Java Catalog 1.1

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It’s only been 1 day since I published Java Catalog 1.0 and I got already feedback on this from 3 visitors! This beats any previous “records” on my website, I must confess, hence the rush to incorporate these into the code/package and publish a new version!

Simone Tripodi, being the helpful guy he always is, sent me a couple of suggestions regarding the code — I have to say, I think he’s being nice in not pointing out that really the code is a bit of a mess 🙂 Nevertheless I took his point about the code suggestions he sent and incorporated them in this (minor) release. Hopefully, as I said before, I will look soon at improving this code and add a few more features to it, so it’s worth checking back here for updates.

Since I expect there will be quite a few iterations, to make it easier for people to get the latest version, I suggest you use the WordPress built-in tag support for URL and bookmark this: — this should list all the posts regarding the Java Catalog application.

2 other comments received for this app suggested that I include a screenshot of the program in action. I have to admit, quite often when I look for a piece of software to do certain things, I do have a mental image in my mind of what I would like the screen to look like and if I have to choose in between few of the toolkits/programs found, I base it on which one is closest to my mental image. So yup, agreed, a screenshot always helps — so here’s JCatalog 1.1 screenshotted below:

Last but not least, you can download the full zip with sources and compiled .jar file etc here: Catalog-1.1.tar.bz2.

As per usual, any feature requests/comments, let me know. Thanks!

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