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Working with senior engineers

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This is another topic that I often get asked about when I advise companies. It often comes packaged in the format “what do I need to do to attract more senior engineers?” but the core of it is the same: how do you work with senior engineers? As an engineer myself and having worked throughout […]

I’m a senior engineer and I want a promotion!

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This is something that comes up often in sessions through the Endeavor network or with companies I advise so I thought it worth a blog post. Imagine a situation where you have a startup, you are in the right place and have the right skillset to scale this up, you build up your engineering team […]

No More Architects and Cowboys, Please!

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I’ve read recently Dustin’s post “Software Architects Need Not Apply” (and in fact was very pleasantly pleased to see that JavaWorld has republished it on their site!) and I felt the subject needs a few words from me too (as always! 🙂 ). I think Dustin made a valid point there : “those who can, […]