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Small (Mac OS) Script to Backup Raspberry Pi

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I’m a big fan of Raspberry PI — to the point where I have actually 2 of these little rascals. (I actually use one of them occasionally to run bits of development stuff on it — test things like nodejs and groovy scripts etc; and the other one I sort of keep for experimental PI […]

Running Tomcat on Port 80 on a Mac — shell script

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If you’ve been messing about with Tomcat on a Mac OS X, you probably came across the problem of not being able to run the damn Tomcat on port 80. This to many won’t come as a problem, as in most cases port 8080 works fine for local development/testing. However, I found out that this […]

Should Apple Learn from IBM?

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So Bill Gates had a go at Apple’s commercials — good on him, I’d say! What is the big deal about Windows “borrowing” from Mac OS-X? Or any other system for that purpose? Do guys in Apple think that every company should only stick to their own internal ideas? How would they envisage progress in […]