Should Apple Learn from IBM?

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So Bill Gates had a go at Apple’s commercials — good on him, I’d say! What is the big deal about Windows “borrowing” from Mac OS-X? Or any other system for that purpose?

Do guys in Apple think that every company should only stick to their own internal ideas? How would they envisage progress in that case? Because let’s face it, we would either end up with one big company which has everything — so then they can use in one department ideas developed in another — or we pretty much kill every single company that wants to make something with wheels, on the basis that, well, the wheel wasn’t invented by them!

I am not a big fan of Microsoft myself, on the contrary, but I am beginning to be less of a fan of Apple lately. “We came up first with that idea and the lads in MS stole it. What’s next? Blame their failures on Microsoft as well? Shouldn’t you guys take a look at IBM for instance? I mean the whole Windows Networking SMB protocol was based on LANMan, which came from IBM. So Microsoft used it and developed it and improved… IBM was probably not too pleased I would imagine about not being able to monetize that themselves, but last time I look at their stocks they were doing pretty well.

Perhaps it’s time for Applet to keep their voices down and focus on getting their market price higher and higher — even at the cost of borrowing some ideas from someone else. Microsoft, maybe? 😉