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Advertising or Information?

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This goes out to all you ad skeptics out there who bang on about how useless the internet advertising is and how it should be banned / destroyed / 101’d etc: it is sad that not often advertising is delivered as a complement to the content being viewed, and as such it doesn’t come across […]

Should Apple Learn from IBM?

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So Bill Gates had a go at Apple’s commercials — good on him, I’d say! What is the big deal about Windows “borrowing” from Mac OS-X? Or any other system for that purpose? Do guys in Apple think that every company should only stick to their own internal ideas? How would they envisage progress in […]

Enterprise vs .COM

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As some of you might know already, I work nowadays in a company that started during the .com era. It’s a new internet media organization, specialized in net contextual advertising. Prior to that though, I used to work in a company offering enterprise solutions for document management. Most of their clients were large-scale companies with […]