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49ers Levi’s Strauss Stadium

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I’m a bit late with this post, granted, as this is a overdue by a couple of weeks, however, having just returned back from London, had quite a few things to catch up on, and as such I’m surely an exception can be made in this case. Special thanks go to Meg for getting me […]

49ers nfl helmet

The Adventures of an NFL Helmet

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So the 49ers won their play-off against the Packers — wooohooo!!! And I was in the bar with my mates to watch it – guess what? Wearing the NFL helment I was bragging about before! Greg got us some prime-time seats right in the front of the big-ass screen and luckily surrounded by 49ers fan […]

Liv with San Francisco 49ers NFL helmet20121217_185102 Liv with San Francisco 49ers NFL helmet

Scary Liv — The NFL Version

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So the San Francisco 49ers won Sunday night against New England Patriots (sorry, Tom Brady, but our Kaepernick is just too good for you! 😀 ) and just in time my 49ers helmet turned up on Monday — woohoo!!!! (I’m sure you’ve figured out that I do try to collect something from every sport I […]