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J2ME StopWatch Application

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This is another resurrect from my old website — again, it seems people are visiting my site looking for this (old) J2ME application. Please be aware that I haven’t updated this application in ages — it was known to run last time I checked, but that was a while back. I suspect as such it’s […]

Developing for mobile platforms

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It’s been a while since I last looked at developing apps for mobile platforms. Some of you who looked through the technical section of my website are probably familiar by now with the convertor app (which even to my surprise proved very popular!), and probably noticed that haven’t done anything about it in ages. Well […]

J2ME and GPRS Connections

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I liked from the beginning the idea of mobile and embedded programming so I spent a lot of time on mobile and embedded programming (see the mobile section on my website). More specifically, I spent a lot of time doing J2ME stuff. Recently, as a lot of you might know, there is a new API […]