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Go Earthquakes!

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Finally got off my lazy bum and went to watch San Jose Earthquakes play their football at home for the first time. To be honest, it was rather good — the Santa Clara stadium is quite small and intimate and they won against Chicago FC 5-1 — woohoo!

49ers Levi’s Strauss Stadium

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I’m a bit late with this post, granted, as this is a overdue by a couple of weeks, however, having just returned back from London, had quite a few things to catch up on, and as such I’m surely an exception can be made in this case. Special thanks go to Meg for getting me […]

Business Management and Leadership Lesson, IHOP Style!

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The title of this quite likely would sound really really weird to a lot of you — you don’t necessarily associate IHOP with business management (or leadership lessons)! However, I wish all of the “pedigrees” I see strutting around the Silicon Valley would take time off from their usual brushing up their resume and trying […]