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My First Computer Ever

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Believe it or not this antique saw me learning Basic back in the day — a few centuries ago 🙂 I still have it — well, my parents do — and it’s still working!!! Though I haven’t got a tape player nor do I have any of the programs I worked on — or the […]

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Of Java and Assembler

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The title would no doubt puzzle quite a few of you — after all I’m putting in the same sentence a low-level, processor-specific language (for no better term for “assembler” — I know, I know, I know, “it’s not really a language”, right?) with a rather high-level, even platform-independent language like Java. So, right away […]

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Developing for multi-cores and the cloud

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I have noticed recently that “cloud” and “multi-core” became buzz words in the Java world. (About time if you ask me!) The interesting bit is the implication it has on writing code — and so many developers (and not only!) are blogging their nuts off about this. All of a sudden it is ok to […]