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First Steps with Jolokia

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In a (rather old) previous post I have talked about using Sun (ahem Oracle!) JMX/HTML bridge to manage and monitor your applications. As it happens, that agent has been discontinued and due to various licensing issues (I’m guessing) one can’t even download it normally from a maven repo, and has to rely on all sorts […]

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(Small) Bug with Oracle’s HTML/JMX Interface

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I posted before an article about how to use Oracle’s (well, Sun’s, since it was started really before the Oracle acquisition) HTML/JMX agent to monitor your apps via JMX here. For those of you who went ahead and decided to use that interface, you probably noticed a small (but rather annoying bug) in that component […]

Sun To Be Acquired by Oracle

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Wow — that’s some news that I just read about today: — Sun Microsystems is to be acquired by Oracle! Prepare for new model of licensing for Java — starting with Personal edition at £500 and ending up with Enterprise that will only run on Oracle 10g and cost around £500k! All you EJB […]