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How to read version number and other details from Java manifest

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One of the challenges I have seen teams struggle with nowadays is versioning their packages. One of the problems with adopting any versioning system is that typically you have to version (at least) 2 components: the binary you are releasing AND the source code, at the time you have built the software. Doing this allows […]

S3 Utility on

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Only a day after I’ve published the S3 utility for buckets with versioning enabled, I took the time finally to put this on SourceForge — woohoo! Still early stages, as I still need to figure out really how to properly release versions into their file system, but as it stands right now at least there […]


Utility for Version-Enabled AWS S3 Buckets

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OK, Amazon, I have to tell you something: you dropped the ball a bit on this one! I absolutely love AWS and every day I seem to find something new about them (though, granted, not sure if that says something about the innovation in Amazon or it says something about my ignorance!?). However, having used […]