Customize Your SquirrelMail Login Page

If you’re using SquirrelMail then you are probably a bit fed up with the plain look-and-feel of the product. I’m not against it, it’s just that it DOES look kind of amateurish, unfortunately :( While there is currently work in progress to make it more customizable and skinnable and so on in a future release, most of us are stuck with the standard (read “poor” 😉 ) look-and-feel for now. There are of course plugins that help a bit with that — not that much unfortunately, but if you use your JavaScript skills on top of some you get some wicked results.

So I’ve started looking at these plugins and how one can add JavaScript on top of it to make SquirrelMail more appealing to the eye.

Since I’ve only just started experimenting with this, I thought I’d start with the Login Page. And I figured out a way of how to make the login page look better. You can read more about it on my main site, by following this link.

Happy squirrelling! :)

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