Monthly Archives: October 2009 Launched!

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My sister and her husband just launched their website where they sell greeting cards manufactured by them. I got to say, they are quite arty and even was one of the first customers, with Christmas coming up — which seems to be at the moment their targeted event for the cards they make.  At […]

Hubble Spots a Galactic Merge

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The Hubble telecope has captured a merger in between 2 Milky Way-like galaxies some 200 milion lightyears away! I know that the resolution is not great, however, if your imagination is any good try and imagine what it might be like being on any of those planets caught in the merger! (Hmmmm do I have […]

BA Charges for Seat Selection huh?

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It’s no longer news the fact that British Airways is going to charge passenger for chosing their seat, however I just had this funny thought just now about it going through some old headlines regarding this issue which states that a family of 4 (2 adults + 2 children) can face charges of £80 (if […]

Funny T-Shirt

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Probably one of the best T-shirts I’ve ever got 🙂 Just have a look at the message on it 🙂 lol