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Covent Garden from My Window

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Currently in London briefly, and luckily I’m bang in the middle of the City, in Covent Gardens. For a fraction of a second, it was sunny and nice (yeah, would you believe it this DOES actually happens sometimes in London? :D) so here’s what Neal Street in London looked like at the time:  

Refresh Your Ads!

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This is a long-forgotten photo — which in all honesty, I did intend to publish during Ad:Tech San Francisco, as that’s when this bottle came to life. (And from what I know it provided refreshments for many of the attendants too!) Being at Ad:Tech San Francisco with Cognitive Match, couldn’t help taking a picture of […]

Liv and California

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I thought I’d never live to see this, but in Los Gatos a couple of weeks ago, I’ve seen my own name used as a brand name! No idea what that shop is selling (was too busy trying to find a bar that was goddam open on Easter Sunday 🙂 ) but the conclusion to […]

Dr. Who in San Jose?

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Unfortunately my BlackBerry’s camera didn’t help here but you can see on the street in the near distance is a red phonebox — looked to me identical to the London ones! Was waiting for Dr Who to pop out of it … but 10 minutes later I got bored and went back in the bar […]