Exhibition artisticlab.org in Bucharest

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On Tuesday, 22nd of May 2012, artisticlab had an exhibition in Bucharest. Unfortunately, being in California and all that, I wasn’t there for the live event, but I am lucky enough to be the receiver of some of the photos taken at launch.

As to be expected, this was very well received by the public, so for those of you in Bucharest, the photos are old news I guess — for those of you who didn’t get to it though, here’s a sneak peek of what we missed. (I’m not sure if I need to point out that my sister and her husband are behind the artisticlab ? You might remember them from their experiments with focAR — in London and otherwise?)

The theme for the exhibition was the increase in the minimum salary from 650 RON/month to 700 RON/month and the impact in every day life this had. Anyway, here are the pictures: