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Use MS Powerpoint to Draw Diagrams

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OK, so this post probably looks odd in the context of my blog — since most of the content so far is made up of (rather silly) pictures of me mixed up with technical content targeted at developers out there. However, if you are more than a coder and you actually get involved in designing […]

java code

Of Java and Assembler

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The title would no doubt puzzle quite a few of you — after all I’m putting in the same sentence a low-level, processor-specific language (for no better term for “assembler” — I know, I know, I know, “it’s not really a language”, right?) with a rather high-level, even platform-independent language like Java. So, right away […]

Liv with San Francisco 49ers NFL helmet20121217_185102 Liv with San Francisco 49ers NFL helmet

Scary Liv — The NFL Version

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So the San Francisco 49ers won Sunday night against New England Patriots (sorry, Tom Brady, but our Kaepernick is just too good for you! 😀 ) and just in time my 49ers helmet turned up on Monday — woohoo!!!! (I’m sure you’ve figured out that I do try to collect something from every sport I […]

go kart medal 3rd place

And (One of) the Winner Is … Me :)

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In case there were any doubts about my driving (ahem, racing!) abilities, these, I’m sure, will settle the matter: in the Cognitive Match California Go-Karting race, guess who came 3rd? 😀 Granted, you may think “well it’s only 3rd”, but it does mean still that I came 1st out of the whole Tech team! And […]