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London Underground

Liv’s Guide to London

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I was asked recently by a couple of friends on this side of the Atlantic about suggestions regarding London — as they were planning their London trip. I put together an email with basic pointers and sent it to my first friend. Shortly after it turns out another one decides he wants to visit Blighty and […]

New Year Fireworks — London 2013/2014

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While I wasn’t there myself this time, I have received these from a friend and crappy as they might be it did bring back some memories about The Big Smoke, so I thought I’d share these — apologies to those of you who have seen them live from Westminster, I’m sure these photos don’t do […]

Covent Garden from My Window

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Currently in London briefly, and luckily I’m bang in the middle of the City, in Covent Gardens. For a fraction of a second, it was sunny and nice (yeah, would you believe it this DOES actually happens sometimes in London? :D) so here’s what Neal Street in London looked like at the time: