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Keep Your Shop On One Floor

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I’ve decided to write this following discussions and things I’ve observed with some of the startups (in the Bay Area or on the other side of pond), as it just occurred to me that occasionally simple (yet very effective) aspects of a startup are being missed out entirely. Sadly, these results in most cases in […]

Maven Checkstyle Plugin — Usage

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The title might not be the best, I’ll give you this, however, having just spent some time trying to get Checkstyle to run in the site phase of one of my maven projects I have figured out that a lot of the resources you find out there miss out a few important details. So if […]

Complicated? Noooooooo!

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This is (part of) the Cognitive Match in one of our standard design and planning meetings today. Nothing spectacular, but it’s been a while I thought since I’ve last shared some of the insights into how we do things over here. You reckon that diagram we’re all working on looks complicated? Nooooooo! That’s simple shit […]


2 X 1 = 0.5

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The “equation” in the title has go doubt puzzled you as it is nonsense 🙂 I couldn’t agree better, though there are a lot of people that don’t see that! Intrigued to hear that? What if I was to tell you that the above formula should be read “if you double the number of developers […]


The Joys of Development Frameworks

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I haven’t had much time lately to use my beloved mobile WordPress application – due to a mixture of owning a Kindle nowadays and being swamped with work. Ironically it was some of the recent work that forced me in the end to write this article so today I gave up my Kindle on the […]

Developing for mobile platforms

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It’s been a while since I last looked at developing apps for mobile platforms. Some of you who looked through the technical section of my website are probably familiar by now with the convertor app (which even to my surprise proved very popular!), and probably noticed that haven’t done anything about it in ages. Well […]