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Go Earthquakes!

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Finally got off my lazy bum and went to watch San Jose Earthquakes play their football at home for the first time. To be honest, it was rather good — the Santa Clara stadium is quite small and intimate and they won against Chicago FC 5-1 — woohoo!

Play Some Interesting Football in the Doggetts

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Not sure if anyone has visited The Doggett’s Pub recently on the South Bank — maybe to watch some of the World Cup games? — but if you do, and you’re a male, please head for the gents toilets and you can play some awesome football in the urinals as you can see:

Women Watch Too Much Cricket! :)

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I was just having a look at Microsoft’s tool for demographics prediction ( and started getting curious about what is the split in between men and women when watching sport and here’s some interesting data that this tool predicts (Sky peeps you’d better listen out if you want to target your audience properly!): football: that […]