Women Watch Too Much Cricket! :)

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I was just having a look at Microsoft’s tool for demographics prediction (http://adlab.microsoft.com/Demographics-Prediction/) and started getting curious about what is the split in between men and women when watching sport and here’s some interesting data that this tool predicts (Sky peeps you’d better listen out if you want to target your audience properly!):

  • football: that seems to be the closest as the split is 52% men to 48% women — so only a 4% difference (to be expected really if you consider that it’s on every channel and newspaper!) Hmmm phrase “footballer’s wife” springs to mind 😀
  • rugby — 57% to 43% for men; bet that used to be higher when Johnny Wilkinson was around 😉
  • the surprise though came with “cricket”!!! Women score 54% and men only 46%! So, all you single guys out there, if you want to pull, get yourselves down to a cricket game! 😉

One Response to “Women Watch Too Much Cricket! :)”

  1. Liv

    And the same goes for curling it seems — only 47% of the audience is male while the majority of 53% is female! Roll on Winter Olympics 🙂