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“I dont need advertising!”

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I talked in my previous post about people who are self-proclaimed online advertising haters and touched there on the subject of the targeted and not targeted audience when it comes to online advertising. I felt the subject deserves a few more lines from me so here it is: I know a lot of you keep […]


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Just installed ClickHeat on my blog — while there’s no stats just yet for it (literally I’ve just installed it) I would be curious to find out whether the click heat map does follow indeed what Nielsen presented quite a while back on his… Stay tuned 🙂

Advertising, the Internet and Usability

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If you are concerned with the usability of your site, you probably keep an eye like everyone else on Dr. Jakob Nielsen‘s site While I agree with (most of) his views, there is one aspect that I do not agree with entirely: advertising. If you read his article “Advertising Doesn’t Work on the Web“, […]