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Nicer implementations using Java streams

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I am not entirely sold on the performance of the Java streams but I will accept they are getting much better compared to the first cut, we now have parallel streams and all sorts, and also it provides a (nicer) functional approach to coding. I’m not going to go into the whole dispute of whether […]


Nice Feature from Evernote — Custom Colors

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I use Evernote a lot — I am a big fan of the tool for day-to-day use as well as of their platform and the services they open to the developers community. (For those techies reading this check out my previous post about storing lists using Evernote by the way. Not that I’m bragging :D) […]

Neat Trick for Returning an Empty List in Java

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I’ve found this post actually burried in my “Drafts” — it’s been there for sometime it seems. I recall writing about it on my mobile WordPress application, so I’m guessing I’ve saved it as draft on the blog with the view to apply the code pretty-printing and forgot about it quite likely 🙂 So I […]