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London Underground

Liv’s Guide to London

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I was asked recently by a couple of friends on this side of the Atlantic about suggestions regarding London — as they were planning their London trip. I put together an email with basic pointers and sent it to my first friend. Shortly after it turns out another one decides he wants to visit Blighty and […]

Laird Liviu Tudor of Kincavel

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As mentioned before, I am nowadays a scottish Laird of Kincavel — and here is the (absolutely legal!) proof: So please make sure you use the correct title when addressing me from now on! 😛 lol

Snow in Edinburgh

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Just the day I was leaving — it stopped just enough for my flight to leave and arrive on time 🙂 The very next day (Friday) woken up with all stations announcing Gatwick (which is where I landed) and a few other airports being closed because of snow — phew! right on time! 🙂