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Updates Services / WordPress

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OK so for a while I’ve been keeping an eye on who and what and how indexes my blog, trying, like all the other bloggers out there to get a bit more “traction” (I looooove Silicon Valley slang 😉 ) for my blog. Part of this, is not just relying on the standard Google or […]

The Sad State of Banking

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OK, I’ll give you the fact that this is a pretty bold title! I’m not going to talk about the state of banks per se though, why are they struggling in the current climate and/or falling over — I am simply going to talk about the way the banks employees feel about working there (I […]

What Do We Use the Internet for Nowadays?

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If you ask Joe Bloggs what he uses the net for nowadays, a common term that pops up is “research”. People use the net to learn things — not a bad idea at all! After all, the information (in most cases) is out there, just waiting to be found. And with the competitiveness of the […]