The Sad State of Banking

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OK, I’ll give you the fact that this is a pretty bold title! I’m not going to talk about the state of banks per se though, why are they struggling in the current climate and/or falling over — I am simply going to talk about the way the banks employees feel about working there (I have touched on this subject before if you remember).

While maybe so far one might have thought the whole thing is based on just a personal feeling of mine, I’ve just been proved that this is not the case — hence this post!

For those of you who use WordPress/Wassup the screenshot below probably says everything, however, a bit of explanation for those of you who might not “get it” straight away.

I’ve got a plugin on my blog which gathers all the search terms my readers use in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc) to reach my blog. I do keep an eye on this as to me is a clear indication if readers are reaching my website for the right or wrong reasons — I don’t want readers who are looking to download SquirrelMail, but those looking for the autocomplete plugin for SquirrelMail have come to the right place! The plugin lists (amongst other things) the search term used, the date and the page the user has reached on my blog.

Having just looked today, I found this:

You’re telling me that someone searching for “I don’t want to work in banking anymore” is loving the bank they work for — or their job? 🙂 Q.E.D.!