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Checkout my fresh IntelliTXT tags served by Vibrant Media‘s WordPress/IntelliTXT plugin!

For your ordinary user, of course, there is no difference, as the see IntelliTXT as before — however! If you ever got stuck inside WordPress and tried to go through all the PHP files (oh, and the themes, and the plugins!) to try to make sure that you’re not missing out on anything, and you’re always serving the tags when the user does a search, or views a page, or views some archived content or… or… or… you know the pains I have been going through to get their <script> tags across the whole blog. Not pretty!

These guys have now put together a little plugin for WordPress to allow anyone running a blog on the back of WordPress to integrate their in-text advertising solution seamlessly; it’s still in testing as I understand, but they were quite open to allow me to do some beta-testing for them. It worked straight-away, configuration is minimal and served me the pains of validating every change I make to WordPress or one of the plugins each time.

So I’m sure the final version of the plugin will be released soon — yahoo!

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