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Of Java and Assembler

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The title would no doubt puzzle quite a few of you — after all I’m putting in the same sentence a low-level, processor-specific language (for no better term for “assembler” — I know, I know, I know, “it’s not really a language”, right?) with a rather high-level, even platform-independent language like Java. So, right away […]

Advertising or Information?

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This goes out to all you ad skeptics out there who bang on about how useless the internet advertising is and how it should be banned / destroyed / 101’d etc: it is sad that not often advertising is delivered as a complement to the content being viewed, and as such it doesn’t come across […]

Vibrant Media Old London Office

This Is Where It Began…

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I tweeted this photo the other day as well but I thought it deserves a bit more than just a tweet — having just met up with some old ex-Vibrant Media colleagues, right in the neck of the woods where we all started from. For all of you ex-Vibrant Media (or still in Vibrant Media) […]

“I hate advertising!”

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Maybe due to the fact that I have been involved throughout the last few years of my life in online advertising, or maybe because of the nature of the people I come in contact with frequently but the above phrase has become a common occurrence in daily conversations. I bet some of you reading this […]

Leaving IntelliTXT…

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I haven’t updated this blog in a while nor have I been checking emails on the domain account and it appears Murphy’s law applies in such cases — as I had indeed one email asking about the WordPress plugin for IntelliTXT which has been sitting in my inbox for about a week now. Should […]