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I haven’t updated this blog in a while nor have I been checking emails on the liviutudor.com domain account and it appears Murphy’s law applies in such cases — as I had indeed one email asking about the WordPress plugin for IntelliTXT which has been sitting in my inbox for about a week now. Should I have read it about a week ago, I would have been able to assist the chap but nowadays…

Well nowadays, I have parted with Vibrant Media — so stop swearing at me about their adverts popping up on webpages, it’s no longer my “fault” 🙂 That does mean that I have nothing to do anymore with IntelliTXT and all the other products around it — the WordPress plugin included. So for those of you planning to ask me in the future about where to get it and how does it work etc — I cannot but direct you to Vibrant Media directly as someone in there should be able to help you (fingers crossed!).

Having published this now, I bet that Murphy’s law will apply again and no one ever again will think of asking me about this plugin:) But in case there is the odd one out there that might — please read the above again and remember that I no longer work for Vibrant Media/IntelliTXT — dixit!

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  1. liviu.tudor

    Obviously this also means that slowly but surely you will start seeing less and less IntelliTXT advertising on this site…

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