Quality Job Targeting on LinkedIn

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Today seems to be my “funny things I see on the web” day — I just logged into LinkedIn to be targeted in the job section with an interesting one: a job offer from Vibrant Media (who I worked for till a few years ago):


If that job is based on my previous jobs (which LinkedIn knows of) then this is brilliant retargeting, hats off to LinkedIn!

However, I would argue that if retargeting is employed when showing these ads then if anything one should NOT include jobs for companies I worked in the past — because let’s face it, the fact that I’m not there anymore is a clear declaration of intent of whether I wanna work for those companies again, right?

So if the engineers in LinkedIn haven’t thought about this one yet — here’s one for you: when presenting me with “jobs that might interest me”, might be worthwhile cross-checking that with my previous experience (from my profile) and eliminate companies which I’ve worked for. Makes sense? 😉