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Interesting Java Jersey + RxJava finding

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It so happens that in a few of the apps I work on here in Netflix we use Jersey libraries inside a Tomcat container. As such I use the JSR annotations a lot safe in the knowledge that Jersey will take care of all the plumbing work and deal with routing and serialization/deserialization so I […]

RxJava: Some Usage of

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Here’s ¬†classic problem when dealing with a web app: you get a HTTP request to your app with a set of parameters. You need to hit a datastore to retrieve some record based on those parameters. You also need to create a (log?) entry somewhere about receiving this call — whether it’s for monitoring purposes […]

Play Framework

About the Play! Framework and Their Thread Pooling

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This is a rather interesting find and I’m still looking into it — so hopefully will come back with more insights on it — but I thought I’d publish these things as I find them. So bear with me as I unravel this mistery — as of right now, unless I’m looking in the wrong […]

SimpleDateFormat and Multiple Threads

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I felt like I had to write this to spread the word a bit more about this little-known danger of one of the JDK classes: SimpleDateFormat. Used quite widely from what I can tell — who hasn’t written something like this: SimpleDateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat(); df.format( new Date() );SimpleDateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat(); df.format( […]

Thread Pools in Java

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On the subject of Java code optimisation: I’m sure we’re all familiar with the concept of thread pooling — typically used together with the Executor framework. Configuring your thread pools can be tricky: choose a small value and you’re not making usage of your server power, on the other hand, choose a value large enough […]