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WordPress Plugin Conflict: TweetSuite and Twitter Updater

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Somehow it seems that TweetSuite messes up the Twitter Updater plugin for WordPress as once I’ve activated it the Twitter Updater stopped working 🙁 Hoping disabling it makes Twitter Updater work again ? :O Update: Still not sure what happened there but I got rid of the TweetSuite plugin for good — so no more […]

TwitSuite vs Twitter Updater for WordPress

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Just as I thought I’m done with the blog, I’ve discovered that TwitSuite seems to do what Twitter Updater does as well, so I’ve disabled the Twitter Updater for now (sorry!) and let’s see if instead the TwitSuite tweets this on my Twitter…

More Updates to My Blog Site

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On top of actually upgrading my version of WordPress, I have actually checked every single plugin as well and made sure it is at the latest version — so now i have a fully upgraded WordPress installation! The only thing that doesn’t seem to work is TweetSuite — which sounded though very good at first […]