WordPress Plugin Conflict: TweetSuite and Twitter Updater

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Somehow it seems that TweetSuite messes up the Twitter Updater plugin for WordPress as once I’ve activated it the Twitter Updater stopped working 🙁 Hoping disabling it makes Twitter Updater work again ? :O

Update: Still not sure what happened there but I got rid of the TweetSuite plugin for good — so no more tweetbacks 🙁

2 Responses to “WordPress Plugin Conflict: TweetSuite and Twitter Updater”

  1. liviu.tudor

    Nope that didn’t work 🙁 Deleting the TweetSuite in the end since it’s proven nothing short of useless 🙁

  2. liviu.tudor

    Hallelujah! Having deleted the TweetSuite my Twitter Updater plugin kicks back in — so I can only suspect a function naming conflict? 😮