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Posted by & filed under , , , . logoI have been using for a while the website and their mobile app Intro by (I use an Android phone, and as such I am supplying here the link to the Google Play appstore, however I’m sure they have an iOS one too you’ll have to search in the App Store for it.)

For those who don’t know, the Intro app is awesome for exchanging contact details for instance when you meet other peers at conferences and shows and want to stay in touch: it allows you to enter their phone number or email address and sends them a set of customized messages with links to your profile and all your contact details. To me this saves the whole hassle of “ok, give me your number and I’ll call you, wait for it, wait for it, yes ok your phone is ringing now that’s me” etc. First of all it creates a better impression and for the likes of me who have a “foreign” name, saves the whole embarrassment on both sides of trying to spell something with the other party looking over your shoulder and correcting it 🙂

Anyway, as I said, the app is great for quickly popping in a phone number and having a text message to include your profile and contact details sent to that person. Since this is sent as an SMS (or email, if the other person supplies an email address), this works regardless if the other person has an account or not. However, if you don’t have you still have to go through an extra step of opening the link sent and copy the contact details (email, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) and pop them in the corresponding app.

Ideally, what would be nice I think is if the other person already has the app, then all of these should happen auto-magically: an SMS arrives with the link to the other person’s, then the Intro app in the background opens that link, adds the person to my contact, sends invite on LinkedIn (maybe a customized message?), friends them on Facebook, follows them on Twitter and so on. Maybe even send back a message/email to say “thanks for your contact details, this is Liv, I’ve just added you etc here’s my profile”.

Wouldn’t that be neat? Please, 🙂