Less Is More When It Comes To Advertising Too!

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retargeting gone wrongThis is a perfect example of how to do advertising the wrong way — and it’s pretty much the reason why most people hate online adverts: when it becomes too aggressive, too in your face, too intrusive and too damn creepy, then of course, any user would want that s**t off the pages they are browsing!

This particular case happened to my wife, while looking online at bedsheets and bedsets. She is very good at doing her research online before buying, it has to be said, and as such she spent a good amount comparing products before she finally decided what to buy. (Yes, she did actually make a purchase from this website.)

And then — well “that escalated quickly” 😀

The next page she visited online creeped the hell of out her:

retargeting gone wrong

Every single product she looked at is on this page!

First of all: your users are going to think you are creepy — since you are showing them you know everything they have been looking at!

Secondly: she did actually make a purchase so showing previous seen products would not render another conversion — instead, the advertiser should have perhaps suggest one or 2 items related to what she has bought.

And thirdly: less is more, guys! We all know that people presented with too much choice end up not making one! So prefer showing 2-3 products to 100, and you will see your click and conversion rate go up!

Frankly, these idiots deserve the ad blocker!