System Update

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For the less geeky of you who haven’t figured it out by now, there’s been quite a few changes recently on my website(s):

  • First of all, my advertising/banners are now served via a fresh implementation of OpenX — and I can’t begin to tell you how much easier is to normalize <script> tags and <iframe> etc across all the sites for the purpose of making one small change in the Google AdSense code! (In case you didn’t know, OpenX is the next step up from what used to be called phpAds — much more powerful and much more user friendly.)
  • Secondly (though probably should be firstly if we consider the chronological order :), I’ve updated my version of WordPress — still a bit bitter about the fact that Debian Linux lists the last stable WordPress version in their testing distribution though 🙁
  • And as a result of this upgrade I now have a dynamic sidebar — woohoo!
  • And I guess as a result of using OpenX I no longer use AdSense Deluxe for WordPress

If the above sounds a bit like Greek to you, don’t worry — from a user perspective nothing has changed and you will see both the website and the blog pretty much with no difference, it’s all backend stuff that changed.