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New mobile + contract

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I’m sure we’ve all been here before, but even so, I find it just as annoying every time: your mobile contract is about to expire…and to prove how much they appreciate your being one of their customer, your mobile company A calls you to tell you that you are eligible for a free handset upgrade […]

Anniversary “Badge”

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This chocolate badge (yes, it IS made of chocolate!) was given to me by my mum who still teaches at Liceul “Ovidius” in Constanta where I studied. It’s shaped like a CD but just … tastier 😉

I’m an uncle!!!

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For those of you who haven’t heard yet (unlikely! :), as of yesterday, 5/Nov/2008 I’ve become an uncle (well done, Sis)! And here’s the first few pictures of my niece, Ilinca and my sister’s happy family: