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Why the House Music Gained Popularity

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Piece of genius from our buddy, Bruno, the gay Austrian fashion reporter brought to life by Sascha Baron Cohen; talking to the owner of a club, inquiring about the type of music played he finds out the club is playing mainly house music: “Now you see communism has been overthrown in many Eastern European countries, […]

How to Lead Your Own Country…

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This apparently has escaped my attention until now — a program on BBC about “How to start your own country” featuring Danny Wallace; like I said, it seems to be not so recent but I missed it at the time, thank God for Dave and the likes who are showing re-runs of it 🙂 (Well, […]

Job Hunting and Free Entertainment

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As you might have been aware I have started looking for a job (well, only just really 🙂 Now, that turned out to be a brilliant move in terms of brighting up my day! Because, damn, as much as I enjoy my late rising during the day (ah, how good it feels to get out […]

Snow in London

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I’m sure we’ve all “enjoyed” this, with TfL going to a halt and no traffic going through Central London, but for the record, that’s what it looked like the evening before the day when the snow has literally frozen London.